Copa America y otras cosas…

June 13, 2011 

Last night I went to the Chile- Perú game at a movie theater called Cine Hoyts–Joaquin picked me up and my house and waited for two hours while Francisco was picking out his lice or something (hello Francisco!). Being at the movie theater was even more exciting than being at the Sports Cafe last week, even though the game was a little slower, up until the last minute. After a game of missed goals, Chile scored its first and won in the third minute of overtime. As Joaquin said, “God must be Chilean.” 

After we went to the supermarket and grabbed a bunch of empanadas and potato salad to bring to Francisco’s brother Rodrigo’s house, where we watched the Uruguay-Mexico game, ate, and discussed the possibility of me tutoring Francisca, Rodrigo’s wife, in English. Rodrigo also showed us the remnants of the earthquake present in the house; large cracks in the walls that ran from floor to ceiling. 

This morning I woke up just like I did yesterday, at 930. Yesterday, I decided what I would be doing with the fifth graders, helping with lessons to distinguish fiction and nonfiction and improve reading comprehension, while keeping in mind that a book report would be coming at the end of the term. Today I showed up to watch the English skits that the children were working on based on the book that they are currently reading, The Witches by Roald Dahl (I remember loving that book when I was a kid). 

After that, I took a taxi downtown and ate at Cafe Elkiko, where we had ‘el kiko’– a hamburger with sauerkraut, pickles, mayo, and mustard to which I added a ton of ají accidentally and didn’t realize that I just eaten the hot sauce the whole time in place of ketchup. I went out and bought a bouquet of lilies afterwards to bring back to the Acuñas from the streets of Santiago and took a taxi back. 

At the Acuñas all of the animals were out playing, so I dropped my stuff inside and ran out with my camera to take thousands of pictures of the cats and dogs. However, I still haven’t mastered how to open that door, and got locked out for forty minutes until someone came home… It’s okay, I had my feline friends (my only friends). 

After, I packed for Concepción, took a three hour nap, and ate dinner–brown rice with sautéed veggies and chicken, salad, and we opened our See’s candies for the first time. We had a conversation about the dairy industry (why Americans drink so much milk), cheese (I remember from NPR that it’s illegal to buy cheese under about 50 days old), and rosemary. 


P.S. Ecuador is 2-2 vs. Brasil now!!!

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  1. Jessalyne said:

    Hey cousin!
    I love reading your blog 🙂 it makes me miss south America so much! I just took joe to try empanadas for the first time at this new place. They were scrumyrilescent!!!!! Now we’re eating an alfajore. Yum. Miss you

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