The Glory of Crepes (Or, Why I Love Paris)!

I love strolling home in the middle of the night and figuring out that I’m walking through Place de la Concorde, at the heart of Paris. I also love having basic conversations about why I love Paris with taxi drivers at 5 am on the drive back to Boulevard Jourdan. Mostly, though, I love crepes.

The best by far (and it took a couple of tries to figure this out) is tuna and cheese, with a good helping of ketchup and mayonnaise on the inside, made in small shops in inconspicuous areas near famous streets. 

For my birthday I’m planning to go escargot and frog leg tasting with a couple of friends at L’escargot Montorgueil, and maybe that will be another thing to add to my list of favorite things to do in Paris (although the list is so long at this point it would probably be completely unhelpful to anyone who tried to use it).

I went to a pub earlier to watch the Madrid-Barcelona game (which Madrid won on Barcelona’s turf, to Francisco’s great pleasure), and sat around relishing in the Spanish that was being spoken all around me. Even though French is a beautiful language, there’s still something enticing and romantic about Spanish that makes me gravitate towards it whenever I hear it. This is the reason why I never truly ‘miss’ being in primarily-Spanish language areas–the language never gives me a chance to miss it! I hear Spanish spoken around me every day, all the time, which suits me just fine. Especially when things are said in those beautiful Castillian accents…

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