Sólo un Beso

It’s been more than a month since I’ve seen my significant other, and we’re both starting to get a little dejected by the distance–while I spend my days in Louisiana, he’s working in the heart of Chile, during the southern hemisphere’s winter.

Today while strolling through a sculpture garden in Santiago, he found this piece, called “Sólo un Beso,” or “Only a Kiss.”

Sólo un beso, via flickr

I couldn’t find any more information on the sculpture than this one photo, but I believe that the anonymity of its creation lends anonymity to the sculpture itself, allowing the viewers (and in my case, myself) to project their own experiences into the largely undefined figures. The sculpture must be twice the size of an ordinary man, so that looking up at it would inspire a sense of wonder–the figures above are imposing themselves into our lives as modern-day myths, a product of a romantic fiction that serves as a muse for modern love.

To me, the green emphasizes that mythical feeling–maybe it is made from an oxidized, rusted copper, or sturdy green stone–but the roughness of the skin and the wear created by the sculptor make them seem as if nothing could part the couple. They are set through the ages, enamored with each other until the day that their feet turn to dust beneath them.

If you have any more information on this sculpture, let me know. I would love to hear it.

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