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Now to something very near and dear to my heart: I have recently been made aware of a genre of painting called California Impressionism. Ever since I moved away from California, I’ve realized that the California coastline is one of the most beautiful places on earth– certainly nothing in the contemporary United States can compare.

The Portland Art Museum is having a show on California Impressionism for the rest of the summer, a 65-painting exhibition.

Selection from the Portland Art Museum–John Hubbard Rich, The Idle Hour

Granville Redmond, Flowers under the Oaks

The artists are incredible at portraying that sense of arresting calm present in the California country that I remember well from the thousands of road trips I took when I was young, driving between Salinas, Vacaville, and Rocklin.

William Ritschel, Centurions of the Sea

William Ritschel, Boats Returning Home

Each one of them is iridescent and warm, just like I remember.