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Found via the online art journal, Anarty:

Cecilia Paredes is a Peruvian artist who paints herself (i.e. her own skin) into the lush flora of various wallpapers behind her. Paredes describes it as an extension of her search for identity after a life of “displacement and migration.”

In many of her works, her hair and/or her eyes are often the only element present that betrays her presence: the wallpaper’s harmony is broken by the slight mismatch of lines and white pop of Paredes’ stare. Despite how it may appear at first glance, Paredes is, in fact, a part of the visual landscape, the representation of herself life-size within the 4’x 4′ frame.

Paredes exemplifies the issues of identity often seen within modern Latin American art: from Pepón Osorio, who struggles to evaluate his role within a Puerto Rican community as a black man and again as a Puerto Rican within the states, and Michael Manjarris, whose work reflects his mixed upbringing as both a Mexican and American citizen (even his name drops the Spanish pronunciation: man-harris becomes man-gerris), to larger concepts of identification as a nation that are common in the work of artists such as Fernando Botero and Diego Rivera. Anarty also likens her work to that of Frida Kahlo in visual style.

(But I still wonder if there is a link between her last name (Paredes is wall in Spanish) and chosen subject matter… no mention in any websites as of yet.)

I just began watching the PBS Series Art 21: Art in the 21st Century. It’s thought-provoking, challenging, and a bit overwhelming–after two episodes, I find myself almost exhausted from observing the life work and thought processes of 8 extremely disparate and brilliant artists.

Episode 1, Place, included Richard Serra (famous for his gigantic rust-colored steel statues), Sally Mann, Margaret Kilgallen, and Pepón Osorio.

Episode 2, Spirituality, included Shahzia Sikander, James Turrell, John Feodorov, and Ann Hamilton.

I was particularly impressed with the work of Sally Mann and Pepón Osorio.

Sally Mann:

Pepón Osorio:

A short overview of the Art 21 documentary about his work.